Out of town Offices

Working for Burrough Court, I am admittedly biased toward thinking that out of town is the best option for businesses choosing where to plant their roots… However, when googling the topic, I found that there are many who agree with me.

Apparently, there has been a trend of businesses moving away from urban locations over the past decade. Often attributed to advances in IT, the internet and broadband ensuring that image, accessibility and speed are now paramount concerns for business… All interesting stuff!

However, I enjoy coming up here to Burrough Court for other reasons and over the next few days am going to find out from those up on Burrough Hill what it is that makes working up here so special.

A lovely spot for lunch!


Car Parking. Not an exciting topic by any means, but it is something that we can pride ourselves on! We are unique in our ability to accommodatre so many vehicles in well lit, secure spaces that are all close to our offices.