Modern enterprise and rural communities working together!

Village communities have seen their lives change as frequently as the seasons; increased traffic, rising energy costs and premium property prices are just some of the areas that have affected local living, and if that wasn’t enough, local village shops now have the invasion of internet shopping to battle with.  No wonder then, that we are seeing the slow demise of the `local’ pub, post offices and village stores….the result of family generations grown weary from struggling in this modern competitive market.

Can modern business help save rural life?

I believe they can. Burrough Court is such an example.  Our office and business unit complex is a thriving enterprise that allows private independent companies to rent accommodation, who then in turn, contribute to the much needed `foot fall’ that local businesses so desperately need.  In addition, our popular meeting rooms have visiting delegates enjoy homemade luncheons created from locally sourced produce.

Locating a business within a rural community has many benefits…for everyone:-

  •  Companies that move away from the claustrophobic heavy atmosphere from the city enjoy not only the healthy creativity that the countryside provides but they can also embrace the unique value that can be added to their own individual branding. 
  •  Local amenities have an additional `lifeline’ as they take advantage of this increased activity within their community.

At Burrough Court, we believe that by providing exceptional buildings and facilities for businesses and visiting delegates we are investing in our own rural surroundings, village life…..and neighbouring livelihoods.  We believe that by trying to make a difference counts.

History in the making

First impressions count.  More importantly, the right impressions count.  That is why the team at Burrough Court know that attention to detail and setting high standards really matter and it’s not so much what is done but how it is done. 

Perhaps most companies apply this view to their own business ethics?

At Burrough Court, our aim is to give confidence to meeting organisers; provide a quality service and create a venue setting that gives kudos to any visiting company.  How is this achieved?  Well, firstly there is a dedicated team who provide a personal `one-to-one’ service and secondly the location is not only stunningly beautiful but it also has the added touch of historic magic!

Yes, first impressions really do count.  This was certainly the case one evening at Burrough Court on Saturday 10th January 1931 when Edward, Prince of Wales, had his first encounter with his future wife Wallis Simpson at the country home of Lady Furness.  Now today, delegates can hold their meetings in the aptly named Duke of Windsor suite, where the nostalgic ambiance of this room suggests that for any meeting there could always be `history in the making’

Burrough Court – the ultimate meeting venue!

Creating the right atmosphere for a productive business meeting has never been as important as it is today.  Decisions made at senior level are the creative force behind any company and the determining factor of future success.  That is why at Burrough Court the meeting rooms are designed to create a relaxing yet energising atmosphere with natural light pouring in through the windows and the French doors leading out onto a secluded cottage garden terrace filled with an abundance of plants and trees.

Such an environment is a far cry from on-site meeting venues where familiarity can breed lethargy and interruptions become frustrating.  Within each room, the tables are dressed with complementary stationary, iced mineral water, a choice of fruit cordials and mints.  The flip chart, flat screen T.V., mobile phone charger are provided free of charge.

Although efficiency and friendliness can not always be found in the same person, at Burrough Court the professional staff know the importance of providing a caring and first class service to everyone, and that is why they are available for the entire duration of each meeting to deal with any additional requirements from photocopying to taking telephone messages.

For every meeting room requirement, the solution can be found at Burrough Court.