Making the best affordable

Making financial cuts doesn’t necessarily mean having to reduce the quality of meeting venue for your company.  In fact, quite the reverse can happen!  In your search for a new affordable venue your attention may well be drawn to Burrough Court and the outstanding facilities that we offer.  Whether you are looking for a private meeting place for a small group or organising a larger seminar, we can provide you with a room to suit any budget!  During our winter promotion, our rooms start from only £50 + VAT for a full day, inclusive of iced mineral water, cordial, stationery and mints.

“Your facilities are second to none…in fact exemplary” – Ken Hudson, Development Group Executive, Johnston Press Ltd.

On your first visit, you will see for yourself why our returning clients prefer our hospitality over the impersonal, sterile atmosphere of many urban venues.  We offer free car parking, plenty of natural light, homemade food…. in fact, `the very best of the old, and all of the new’ with wi-fi, plasma screens and telephone conferencing from only £50 to £150 a day plus food + VAT.

Come and experience the difference and book your next meeting here.  Call Tracey on 01664 454690 or e-mail

Burrough Court Estate concerned about wild flower decline

After the recent announcement by Defra’s Chief Scientific Advisor, Sir Robert Watson, who urged gardeners to cultivate a wilder and more natural environment to benefit Britain’s dwindling birds and butterflies, the management team at Burrough Court was eager to take up the challenge to introduce a new wild flower project to their existing conservation programme, which includes a monitored owl box and locally produced honey from our own bee hives.

An investment has been made to plant and nurture seeds of various specimens of wild flowers on some pockets of poor quality land around the farm, the fruits of which hopefully will be seen next Spring.

Sir Robert, who leaves his five year post at Defra later this year, admitted that Britain’s wildlife was in a “precarious situation” despite efforts to protect endangered animals and plants.

Dawn Wilson, Director at Burrough Court, commented “We have learned such a lot from a local beekeeper who has sited some of his hives on a secluded piece of our land.  He tells me that this year we have seen a catastrophic decline in honey production due to the low temperatures we have experienced this summer.  Bees need the air temperature to exceed 15 degrees C before even considering to venture out and pollinate, and this year, the weather has been so appalling that he has had to provide the bees with an external supply of honey in order to increase their chances of survival.

Last Spring we recruited the help of the RSPB to conduct a bird audit over our farm.  Our intention is to provide the very best environment in which to encourage further bird life to visit our farmland and protect our natural species

This recent news that our beautiful butterflies and birds are now worryingly under threat, adds to our concerns.   This project will hopefully encourage other gardeners to invest in British wildflowers and we are really hoping to see signs of improvement next year”.

See Autumn at its best at Burrough Court

As summer draws to a close, many of us look forward to the kaleidoscope of colour that Autumn brings.  For those of us lucky enough to visit Burrough Court each day, this spectacle is enriched even further with the blanket of russet, golden and copper leaves reminding us yet again what a beautiful setting our meeting rooms and offices enjoy.   What better way is there to feel inspired for any meeting?….and when blessed with glorious sunshine, our venue is totally perfect.  But don’t take my word for it, come and give us a visit!