Where you meet matters as much as why you meet!

Christmas at Burrough Court as a “thank you” to our office customers – Dec 2012

For any event planner or person embarking on hosting an event, the most important element to consider, is the suitability and professional branding of the meeting venue, especially when trying to reflect the theme of your event/meeting.

There are five main critical factors that we think are vitally important when booking a meeting room.  These are:-


Finding a meeting venue that is easily located and accessible can not only help reduce stress of travelling but also eases any worry of arriving late.  The ideal venue should be able to provide ample free on-site parking and suitable facilities which allow for loading and unloading etc.


Ensure that the room layout can be adapted to suit your requirement.  This may mean that the venue has to be completely flexible to accommodate your needs in order to provide you will the perfect atmosphere.  Whilst the room itself is vitally important, so is the added benefit of `break out’ areas.  The need to re-energise and collect thoughts should not be overlooked and the perfect setting should be able to provide several private areas for delegates to mentally refresh and gain inspiration.


Every venue should provide the basic amenities – but strive for the ultimate experience.  It is always the little extra things that really count!  Check out the quality of produce used for their refreshments; does the standard of presentation reflect your choice of venue well? Will you be seen as just another number or treated as a special person?  Does their website impress and inspire?

The Price

Finding the right price to suit your budget will need research…but beware!……don’t just settle for the one that has the lowest pricing on the radar. Rather, consider if the venue is offering value for money and a high quality of service.

The Visit

Whenever possible, conducting a tour of the venue is always best.  Only by visiting can you determine if a meeting room and its setting meets your expectations.  Insist on meeting the team!  First impressions can mean everything and ensuring that your delegates and meeting arrangements are in good hands is invaluable!

Our final recommendations are…..call us, visit us and gain complete confidence when arranging your meeting!

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Burrough Court Management – Keeping a watchful eye on the birds and bees!

The new year started with a delightful surprise for the management at Burrough Court when the first batch of honey was delivered, produced from their resident bees!

Dawn Wilson, Director at Burrough Court, commented “We have learned such a lot from a local beekeeper who has sited some of his hives on a secluded piece of our land.  He tells me that last year we saw a catastrophic decline in honey production due to the low temperatures experienced.  Bees need the air temperature to exceed 15 degrees C before even considering to venture out and pollinate, and last year, the weather was so appalling that he had to provide the bees with an external supply of honey in order to increase their chances of survival.  So it was a real bonus to receive any jars of honey at all!”.

As well as keeping a watchful eye on the welfare of their bees, Burrough Court recruited the help of the RSPB in 2012 to conduct a bird audit on the farm.  Their intention is to provide the very best environment in which to encourage further bird life to visit neighbouring farmland and protect our natural species.

Dawn Wilson concluded “The report from the first part of the audit has been received and we have been delighted to see that a number of birds that are of medium and high conservation concern have been identified on the farm.  For example, Linnet, Yellowhammers, Grey Partridge and Skylark are all of high conservation concern as these species have declined by upto 50% over the last 25 years.  All these species have been recorded on our farm which is very encouraging”.

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Undoubtedly, social media is an epic societal change that is altering how we interact with each other, providing us with a tool to learn about new products and people effortlessly and openly – by reading our daily messages, you will gain valuable insights, uncovering the secret why many companies prefer Burrough Court above any other venue to hold their meetings.

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The famous quote “a picture can paint a thousand words” perfectly validates our decision to have a Pinterest page – Updating this social media initiative is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding activities that we do….with landscaped gardens, a tapestry of woodland settings and impressive character buildings, it is a photographer’s dream!

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