What’s the best place for a meeting breakout – under hotel signage or a tranquil setting?


Many meeting organisers encourage, if not actively include within their event programme, opportunities for team members to split into minor groups to carry out further discussion work.

At Burrough Court, we often see visiting delegates use our courtyard; rear enclosed landscaped garden; woodland;  paddock; foyer area; reception and Duke of Windsor patio garden as perfect `break out’ areas – a far cry from hotel foyers and the soulless utility of `contemporary’ meeting spaces.

Break out from your old venue now and try something refreshingly different.  Call Tracey on 01664 454690 to book your next meeting.

Investing in our countryside…little by little, it makes a big difference!


During the early Spring months 1000’s of wild flower seeds were distributed in designated areas of our woodland and grassland areas.

Slowly, but surely, we are now starting to see colour appearing amongst the green foliage as our wild flowers start to emerge – Let’s hope that next year there will be even more, helping to safeguard even further the survival of bumble bees in our country.

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The importance of keeping hydrated in a meeting



Feeling thirsty is a positive sign of dehydration and even mild to moderate levels of dehydration can result in headaches, sleepiness, physical weakness or even dizziness.  Higher levels can be far more serious causing irritability, confusion, low blood pressure and even loss of consciousness!

That is why at Burrough Court every meeting room has a plentiful supply of iced mineral water and delicious cordials, free of charge.

We are even happy to provide sparkling mineral water and fresh orange juice upon request.