It’s caring that makes the difference…

Lilies thriving in the pond near our main entrance

Our success as the `best business venue in Leicestershire’ comes from providing a different approach.  We believe that maintaining exceptional standards is the key to unlocking both our customers’ business potential and providing a healthy work environment.

Our dedicated Site Management Team is focused on quality of service – which means that their care and attention goes into absolutely everything…from site maintenance to even the underwater world of our ponds!

Doodling aids creativity!

Delegates at a meeting in our Duke of Windsor Room















There is good news for all of us who doodle!  Research has found that doodling during a meeting or conference can not only aid creativity, but it can also help focus attention and improve memory!

Experiments that have been carried out have found that when we doodle, it concentrates the mind and stops it from wandering, without interfering with the primary task.  In fact, it has been proved that doodling can keep us sufficiently engaged with the moment to pay attention to simple pieces of information.

So, whether your scribbles make sense or not…don’t stop!

Location, location. location


Choosing the right location for your business is imperative for both company branding and client liaison.

That is why our facilities offer the very best…

Burrough Court is ideally situated in the heart of Leicestershire, only 15 miles from Leicester, 6 from Melton Mowbray and 8 from Oakham and offers an easy and beautiful commute across stunning landscapes.

Our site has wide aprons and plenty of parking, all with 24 hour CCTV security.

We have just two vacant units (5000 sqft and 6,500 sqft) remaining.  An early viewing is highly recommended – Call Tracey on 01664 454690 to make an appointment or find out more information.