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Our meeting rooms, with their unique charm and ambience, undoubtedly create that wow factor for any visitor…but, we also know from experience, that offering the latest technology and free `wi-fi’ also provides that all important edge of excellence!

Organising and attending business meetings are an important catalyst to aid growth and productivity – that is why…countless companies return to us!



16 years of enterprise






The road to success is reflected in our customers’ success; with a catalogue of stories of growth and expansion.

Burrough Court is now Leicestershire’s number one business venue offering customers a range of business units, contemporary offices and prestigious meeting rooms.

Perhaps it’s time to create another success story… and let our 16 years of enterprise help your enterprise!

Because the way you impress matters…

When it comes to promoting your brand, projecting the right image counts!  Along with the right marketing approach and creation of promotional material; potential customers need to feel a trust in professionalism.  That is why so many start-up businesses choose Burrough Court as their virtual office mail delivery address.

What would impress you most?  A residential postcode, P.O. Box number or Leicestershire’s Number 1 Business Venue?

Call us now to find out more…because how you impress will matter to you and your customers!