Working up an appetite for a better performance…

At Burrough Court, we know that if our customers are fit and healthy, they will feel better…and when they feel better, they are likely to perform better.

As well as woodland walks to explore, we also give our customers the option for more rigorous activity in our fully equipped gym.

No better way to re-boot the computer brain than a work-out, shower and nice cuppa!

Finding the right place for concentration…


Do you find that sometimes when the need to concentrate is vitally important, a million things come to distract you?

You can often feel `on call’ for all your colleagues; the phone seems to constantly interrupt your thought process…the mind just won’t focus – the answer? – book The Brierley Room at Burrough Court.

Located in a private tranquil setting, this `quiet space’ can be booked for as little as £25 + vat an hour for Burrough Court customers.

Call Tracey now to find out more – 01664 454690