We now have 1Gbps faster broadband!

Providing our customers with the best is always our aim!

Knowing how valuable time is and how important communication is to a successful business, our customers now benefit from even faster broadband with our new 1Gbps leased line…

Having only two offices now available at Burrough Court, call Tracey to make arrangements to visit on 01664 454690

Starting the day on a high…

When you can arrive at work with this view, you know that you are starting the day on a high!

Every day Burrough Court looks special…however; on days such as this – Burrough Court is awesome!

Locate your business where it deserves to be… Call Tracey on 01664 454690 to enquire about our available offices!

Another enterprising company makes Burrough Court their home!

J Woods Creations is a jewellery business making handmade original and unique pieces of jewellery for all occasions and they are now in residence at Burrough Court!   The jewellery is made from a combination of polymer clay and genuine gemstones.

Most recently Jill has started designing for the bridal market with a range of hair pieces (combs, tiaras, headbands and vines) made to match an individual bride’s colour choice and button holes matching the groom and groomsmen to the bride/bridesmaids colour.

Welcome Jill…what an amazing talent you have!