Together with our offices and business units, Burrough Court also farms 1,200 acres of arable land and owns 50 acres of woodland located around the nearby villages of Burrough-on-the-Hill & Pickwell.

Burrough Court's farm, which grows mainly cereals & oil seed rape, is proud to belong to an agri-environmental scheme which ensures we make every effort to look after the surrounding countryside. It is only through these environmental initiatives, we are able to care for the natural wildlife habitat whilst managing our sustainable farming business.

So what measures do we take? Firstly, all our fields retain at least a six meter natural margin for wildlife habitat and, where possible, field corners are deliberately left out of production. We avoid trimming hedges during bird nesting season and hedges are trimmed less frequently. During 2012, we planted 750 meters of additional hedgerow together with an avenue of fifteen Horse Chestnut Trees as a tribute to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Next winter, we will be planting a brand new 7 acre Jubilee wood with the support of the Woodland Trust.

Through these conservation measures, a marked increase in diverse wildlife & bird populations has occurred in recent years. The RSPB is currently monitoring the farm and woodland and over thirty different bird species have been recorded to date. This, together with our recently installed Owl Boxes, means we are encouraging breeding of Barn Owls and in addition, Short-Eared Owls have been spotted hunting along the field margins.

And finally, herds of different deer species are now regularly seen with the woodlands and the latest wildlife to find a home on the farm is a colony of we hope to be harvesting some Burrough Court honey very soon!

So although Burrough Court may have commercial vision and inspiration, we also like to think we actually care about preserving the countryside around us.