The Farm & Estate

  • Our Farming Approach

    Burrough Court Estate consists of arable farmland in the heart of rural Leicestershire producing cereals, spring beans and oil seed rape, of which the oil seed rape is used in the creation of cooking oil and light lubricant.The farm spans across two sites one at Burrough-on-the-Hill and the other 5 miles away in Pickwell.

    Sustainable Farming

    We must realign our farm’s objectives with the governments which currently encourages farmers to take more of an integrated farm management approach with regards to sustainable farming practices.

    We therefore endeavour to combine traditional farming methods with the best new technologies so that we can tailor appropriate and effective use of inputs to help minimise our use of nitrogen fertiliser, sprays and herbicides. This method also complements our continued aim to improve the health of our soil and to enhance existing wildlife habitats by creating new areas where needed.

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  • Countryside Stewardship Scheme

    Over the last 20 years we have been improving our local ecosystem through the plantation of 75,000 trees and many acres of hedgerows forming wildlife corridors as they connect woods and parcels of land. In 2021 our farm at Burrough-on-the-Hill was accepted into a new “ ramped up” Countryside stewardship scheme on the back of previous schemes the farm had been in over the last 10 years or so, and then in January 2022 the Pickwell Farm was also accepted.

    Today, 28% of the total farm area is under environmental options.

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    Conservation & Sustainability

    Natural Regeneration

    These areas make excellent environments for the local wildlife of wild birds and mammals, plus the perfect hunting ground for the breeding of barn owls. As a result, we have installed a couple of owl boxes in appropriate trees across the farm that are now occupied, with a further 10 bird boxes for blue tits and other small birds all being utilised this season.

    Diverse Wildlife

    Along some of the margins we have planted wild bird and pollinator grass mixes, giving all round food for the birds and bees whilst adding some additional colour to the farm in the spring months. We regularly carry out bird surveys with a marked increase on a yearly basis in diverse wildlife & bird populations being recorded. This, together with our recently installed Owl Boxes, means we are encouraging breeding of Barn Owls and in addition, Short-Eared Owls have been spotted hunting along the field margins.

    Woodland Areas

    We have planted many new trees over the last 20 years. Our latest additions were earlier in the year (2022) when we planted 500 trees to create a more biodiverse area, 2012 saw 7 acres of woodland as a tribute to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and an avenue of 15 Horse Chestnuts, and in 2013, a further 4 acres of woodland to mark the centenary of the end of World War I with the support of the Woodland Trust.

    Agri-environmental Scheme

    Burrough Court Estate grows mainly cereals & oil seed rape. We are proud to belong to an agri-environmental scheme which ensures we make every effort to look after the surrounding countryside. It is only through these environmental initiatives that we are able to care for the natural wildlife habitat whilst managing our sustainable farming business.