Green Energy at Burrough Court.

In our everyday lives we try our best to be carbon conscious, but what about when it comes to our businesses?

Embracing The Conscious Office Workforce

Over the last few years recording your company carbon footprint and adopting a greener way of functioning has shifted to the forefront of many business priorities. In recent months global leaders have met to discuss and plan, activists have protested, and we have seen a monumental change post pandemic with the public taking necessary action. Going green may initially mean higher costs and feel complicated for small businesses, but from our personal experience, we have to say that the end results appear more than worth it … from both a ‘heart’ and ‘head’ perspective.

Office carbon reduction initiatives 

At Burrough Court we began our journey many years ago, 26 to be exact. During 1996 we decided to commence a tree planting programme that would take 5 years … well we didn’t stop at 5 and have continued to plant trees to help offset our carbon footprint and to date, we have planted over 75,000!

Reducing our carbon footprint is of increasing importance to us and we’ve added some new carbon reduction strategies to help us achieve these goals.

During 2005 we installed our biomass boiler which provides renewable heating for all our warehouses and business units, and has also been extended to part of the courtyard of offices. Biomass boilers work by burning biological matter and outputting the resulting heat for use in heating systems. Biomass is carbon neutral as it releases the same amount of CO₂ when burned as it has absorbed during its life. It is therefore sustainable, renewable and reduces your emissions by up to 96% (according to the Biomass Energy Centre).

This year we implemented the next phase of our strategy to reduce our carbon footprint further. 

Solar panels installation

We’ve installed 380 solar panels onto one of our business units which supplies during daylight hours electricity to the entire 22-acre business park. Having been installed for a matter of a few weeks, to date we have saved 2.3 tonnes of Co2, which is the equivalent of planting 180 trees!

Office courtyard with renewable energy

Following our existing oil boiler coming to the end of its life earlier in the year we decided to invest in an air source heat pump (air to water heat pump) at over three times the capital cost, but it meant that all of our offices have renewable sources of heating and electricity. Remarkable to think that solar panels with no moving parts or fuel can now provide heat as well as light!! 

There is something very exciting and satisfying in knowing that we are becoming increasingly self-sufficient.

Our Green Energy Timeline to dateGreen office space carbon neutral

Carbon offsetting business offer

The wider Burrough Court Estate comprises of 1,200 acres of arable farmland and here, we have scope to increase our carbon offsetting offering to businesses over the course of the next year, where we wish for the business park and farm to work in partnership to provide genuine offset … no greenwashing here.

We have commissioned advice and accreditation of the potential sequestration projects and who knows where this could take us and our customers … exciting times. Green for go!!

B-Corporation businesses in Leicestershire

The Future Collective is the latest business to move up to Burrough Court and are part of the B-corporation movement. This is where certified B Corporations are businesses that balance purpose and profit. They are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. Matt Parry, Managing Director & Co-Founder said:

“Having a space to work where the energy is 100% renewable was a huge win as it enables us to make a huge step towards our goal of becoming Carbon negative”.


In Summary

  • Going green is an initial high capital cost for a small business. 
  • We’ve planted over 75,000 trees since 1996.
  • Since the start of October when our 380 solar panels went live we have saved over 70 tonnes of CO2
  • Our warehouses, business units and offices are supplied by renewable electricity and heat.
  • Future plans for the business park and farm to work in partnership to provide genuine offset.

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