How much does Office Space cost?
What size office space is currently available?
Do you have office space available to rent near Melton Mowbray?
What facilities do we get with the office space?
How fast is the office leased line?
Are we entitled to IT Support?
Who is responsible for IT security?
Can you hire the meeting room by the hour?
Can I access my office on weekends?

Business Units

What size are your industrial units near Melton Mowbray?
How many business units do you have for rent?
How much do your industrial and business units cost?
Do we have access to the site on weekends?
What can I expect to come with the industrial unit design?

Co-working Space

How much is your co-working space for the day?
What are the opening hours of your co-working space?
How fast is your internet?
What is included within the £30?
How do I book a desk?
How do I pay for my desk?
What is your cancellation policy?
It’s my first time using your co-working space, how do I connect to the Wi-Fi?
What if I need to stay later than 5pm?
Can I be on a Teams/Zoom call when using the co-working space?

Meeting Room

What meeting rooms do you have available?
How much do meeting rooms near Melton Mowbray cost?
How far in advance should I book a meeting room?
What are your meeting room payment terms?
Do you cater for dietary requirements?
Are your lunches locally sourced?
What is the maximum capacity of the Chamberlain Room?
What style of meeting is the Chamberlain Room best for?
What is the Chamberlain Rooms standard room format?
What does the meeting room come equipped with?
Do you host working breakfasts?

Virtual Office

Can I register my company at Burrough Court?
Can I use the meeting rooms?
How much is your virtual office postal service?
Is there a mail forwarding charge?
Do you accept delivery of everything on my behalf?

Self Storage

Do I have to provide a padlock?
Can I gain access into the unit whenever?
How big are the units?
Are the units flexible to accommodate my requirements?


Do you have electric car charging on site?
Do I have to pay for parking?


Is there a daily Royal Mail collection?


How far is Burrough Court from Leicester?
Where is the closest motorway?
Where is your nearest train station?
Please can you recommend a taxi company?