This Is What Flexible & Productive Workspace Looks Like.

Productivity isn’t about the 9 – 5.

It’s all about the environment you surround yourself with. Interestingly, Mainyard Studios have said that people “will tell you just how damaging it [working from home] will more than likely be to your productivity” and often homes aren’t suitably setup to have a private space that inspires you and is somewhere conducive to productivity. 

Here at Burrough Court, we have many years of experience and, as office space experts, we see our resident business thrive as we truly believe that a productive workspace is one that we believe to be filled with…

  • Natural light
  • Greenery
  • Tranquillity
  • Space
  • Inspiration 

If these conditional needs aren’t met for people and the workplace is uncomfortable or full of distractions, it can make for an unhappy environment which leads to productivity and engagement not being where it could be. 

How to manage productivity 

The best way to stay focused is to acknowledge when you’ve hit a productivity wall and to take lots of short, quick breaks to gain a new perspective on the task at hand. 

Here at Burrough Court, we are an example of the fact that this is possible within the working environment and have three walking routes of varying distances mapped around the 22-acre rural business park and surrounding farm, or one can pop to the Coffee Shop to hydrate and grab a refuel. 

Change up your environment 

Looking for workspaces that don’t confine you to one spot giving you the option to work remotely, sit outside, etc. are rare to come by, but we make this possible by giving access to our 1GBps broadband outside and offering both office space and a co-working space.

The Hub at Burrough Court
The Paddock at Burrough Court

Make the space feel alive 

Plants make the space feel alive, it helps to produce cleaner air, and it motivates employees to be more energetic and creative. Scientific studies have proven the positives of more greenery for offices. From reducing stress to increasing productivity and creativity, plants have oodles of pros.

Learn more about how an inspiring design of your workspace can increase productivity by reading a previous article by ourselves here: Inspiring Workplaces at Burrough Court

Testimonials on how productive being at Burrough Court is

“I see a noticeable difference in the quality of my work and my productivity levels when I’m working at Burrough Court” – Hamish Whitworth, Graphic Designer

“We are much more productive when we are in different and quality surroundings” – Chris Hall, Chief Executive, Hallmark

“Our delegates always comment on what a stunning and inspirational venue Burrough Court is” – Sam Woods, Performance Psychologist