The interesting reason behind the Burrough Court logo.

‘Why is your logo a zebra print?’ is a frequently asked question and one we realised we’ve never really explained.

So how did it come about…

It is born out of Burrough Court’s rich history and place within the aristocratic world in the 1920s. Lord Marmaduke Furness, who was then the owner of Burrough Court and one of the world’s richest men developed a deep love for Africa bringing back Zebras and Giraffes (as you do!) to house at his country retreat, Burrough Court, which was used for entertaining guests and socialising. 

The Zebra house is still in situ here at Burrough Court and the Paddock where Lady Furness was seen riding a Zebra can be walked via the Paddock walking route at the top of the Coffee Shop car park.

Learn more about Burrough Court’s history and what we do today by watching the video below.

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